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I’m fortunate… Newbie – Day 4


In my second post, I spoke to the people who say things that go against me following my dreams.  Whether they are the nay sayers or the ones who do not quite get it.  But then I realized, there’s another group of people.  Not ones that are trying to tear me down, but the ones that are completely baffled by what I’m doing (giving all of it up to follow my dreams).  To some, I was already following my dreams…

OH Boy, were they wrong…

Yes, I live in a nice place, I made (technically still make for a month) a decent salary, I have nice things, and I’ve worked hard to get to where I was.  But what I didn’t have was happiness.  This new group of people are fighting to get where I was, when I’m running as fast as I can in the opposite direction.  I suppose this thought frightens them.  They are wondering if there is something there that they should be concerned about.  By “there” I mean a sliver of success, a piece of the pie… I don’t have an answer for them… Maybe, just maybe, they won’t lose their soul in the process of making corporate happy.  Maybe

On a deeper level, maybe this new group of people, have a spark in them that says that they don’t want what it is they are going after either.  Maybe they too are caught up in the momentum of being successful and they aren’t stopping to really check to see if this is what they want out of life.  I pray that this isn’t the case, because the daily grind will consume their souls too.

All I can do is relish in the thought that it’s not too late for me… That I can learn, that I WILL change the status quo.  Exciting, to say the very least.


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